Thursday, April 29, 2010

beyond irked

my brother is the single most irritating individual i know who unknowingly gets under my skin with zero effort just by being himself.

god he's effin annoying.

thursday night

i'm so irked i can't even form words.

workout of the day: 1 hr 20 min
20 min on elliptical [burned 213 cal, 3906 strides, rate 195-205]
40 min in private sauna
20 min [stretching, etc.]

and now after that call, i'm even more irked.

oh god, is it friday yet?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

scales can be evil, but today it loves me

tuesday morning

current weight: 111.8

weighing yourself daily can be dispiriting indicators of progress and can compel you to forfeit entirely to a day filled with unnecessary exorbitant indulgences that may have been easily avoidable if you treated yourself once in awhile.

something i should apply to my strict weekday diet to refrain from shamefully devouring 3 paulette macarons or 4 different slices of cake in one sitting.  

there's no point to eating healthy during the week if you're overindulging over the weekend. those 2 days are enough to throw you off your whole week and it takes about that time to get back into the shape you were prior to friday and by then, the weekend has arrived.  it is nothing but a vicious cycle of eating.

gotta run, update later!

--- 8:55pm update ---

i've been pretty on track today in terms of my eating but then again, it's only tuesday, no need to pat my back just yet.

food intake for the day:

starbucks coffee, reduced fat milk + splenda

my trusty morning potassium-filled banana + luna mini 
[my only form of sugar besides fruits]

taco tuesday is baccccck!
my only guiltless allotment of the day:
carne asada street taco

my "real" lunch
2 chicken wings
sweet carrots
boiled broccoli

dried plums
20 cal each

my mom's version of chop suey
boiled edamame
diced tofu
chicken bits
various greens

5 frozen chicken nuggets
40 cal each

workout of the day: 1 hr 45 min
21 min running on treadmill [0.0 incline, speed 6.2 - 6.5]
12 min walking on treadmill [0.0 incline, speed 4.4]
total of 3.1 miles = burned 332 cal
1 hr 12 min [stretching, abs, obliques, arms]
- 4 sets of 15 [left side crunch]
- 4 sets of 15 [right side crunch]
- 4 sets of 8 [back crunch]
- 3 sets of 12 [pushups - arms]
- 4 sets of 15 [x8 different types of ab workouts tackling front, sides + lower abs]

onto the next.


Monday, April 26, 2010


monday morning

current weight: 114.4 

i should be sad but hey, self-inflicted deprivation is the leading cause to dieting failures. one must treat themselves every once in awhile to remain sane :)

1st workout of the day: 1.5 hrs [5:58am]
12 min running on treadmill [incline 0.0, speed 6.0 - 6.4]
10 min walking on treadmill [speed 4.4]
11 min on elliptical [level 2-3, rate 175 - 195]
12 min on bicycle [level 3]
45 min [stretching, abs, obliques]

gonna aim for round 2 after work

i am focused!

--- 9:03 update --- 

my morning fuel

my only real carb-intake of the day

wahh...i miss carbs :( 

my lunch = orange mud + broccoli


kirkland signature nuts

chicken, mystery meat + pork

dried sweetened plums

my 4th serving of fruits for the day

2nd workout of the day: 45 min
15 min on bicycle [level 3]
30 min [stretching, abs, obliques] 

total workout for the day: 2 hr 15 min

i better be looking good tomorrow or else.

sunday funday

warm sunshine beating down my face
calm breeze caressing my cheek
soft blades of grass tickling my bare feet
the smell of coconuts in the air

photos of my sunday funday
and the reason why i can't lose the 10 pounds i'm dying to shed!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

saturday afternoon

current weight: n/a

i'm afraid to weight myself after the colossal amount of buffalo wings + fries i devoured late in the am after a night of dancing my worries away [plus the 4 drinks i consumed as well]. boo.

and to top it off, loann just texted: PPQ tonight??

garlic roasted peppercorn crab
fragrant garlic noodles
sauteed pickled string beans
crispy fried imperial rolls
deep fried banana with ice cream
steamed shitake sea bass
smoky pork
deep fried soft shell crab
papaya salad 


can't think

won't think


look what you did to me loann, i hate you.

Friday, April 23, 2010


most of the pictures posted in no way represents the portion that is consumed. please do not assume i'm actually digesting 2 pounds of french fries in one sitting.


whenever i'm between 110-112 pounds, my body tends to fight against my iron will by protesting angrily [and noisily] in hunger forcing me to succumb to the call of tempting and delectable eats, namely crispy fried foods + irresistible sweets.

food intake from thursday --> friday

workout for thursday: 1 hr 50 min
10 min walking on treadmill [incline 6.5, speed 4.5]
10 min on elliptical [intervals 2-3, rate 180+]
15 min on stairmaster [level 8 - 10]
25 min on bicycle [level 3]
50 min [stretching, abs, legs]

workout for friday: 40 min
40 min [stretching + abs]

even with all the sweat-filled workouts this week, my tiny bouts of cheating are enough to throw my body off course but i can't say i'm filled with regret as i was chomping down happily on my fill of garlic infused french fries, slathered heavily with ketchup, crispy fried onion rings dipped in creamy ranch + the sweet crunch of my favorite tiny treat, peanut m&m's. 

what can i say?

life is good.