Friday, May 28, 2010

friday afternoon

current weight: 110.9


workout of the day: 1.25 hours
30 min running on treadmill [5.8 - 7.2 speed]
18 min walking on treadmill [4.5 speed, 2.0 incline]
12 min riding on bike [level 4 -8]
15 min [stretching]

now that i'm back in the safe zone, i must resist temptation.

food intake for the day:
starbucks, splenda, reduced-fat milk
250 cal powerbar [my best friend these days]
dannon light & fit yogurt with fresh blackberries
eating right frozen meal [lemongrass chicken + veggies over brown rice = 230 cal]

meal forecast for the night:
oysters and red wine @ radius
dinner @ bf's place [home cooked by his mom!]

hopefully i don't totally blow this...
friday morning

current weight: 111.8

2 months + 1 week down and i've only lost 2-3 pounds.

this is definitely a frustrating and heart wrenching battle between finding a fine balance between staying fit/eating right and total surrender to my daily cravings for sugar and calorie-ridden eatables.   

one new thing i've incorporated back into my diet would be whoile wheat grain items.  oh, how i've missed you so.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


my weekends have been nothing less than eventful for the last few months filled with daytime explorations, long walks, undiscovered paths, quality time with my loved ones, stimulating conversations and flavorful food teeming with calories.  

as you can see, my weight has been the furthest thing from my mind which serves as a much needed hiatus from my otherwise chaotic, not to mention, psychotic food obsession.  my friends pin me as the neurotic foodie obsessed gal who can't stay away from sugar yet claims carbs will one day be the death of me.

ok, i get it. i have somewhat of an issue but guess what?

i didn't get skinny by eating rice.

thank you.

 photo diary of my last few weekends: 

outdoor lunch @ mijita with the bf [ferry building]

sunday brunch @ the grind cafe [lower haight]

spontaneous fun @ costco [san fran]

paulette macarons @ hayes valley
milk chocolate hazelnut


blue bottle's individually dripped coffee

 bakesale betty @ telegraph
crispy fried chicken salad over fresh spicy slaw

bakesale betty @ telegraph
freshly baked chocolate chip cookie w/walnuts

san francisco giants vs. astros
 we won!

bay to breakers 2010

 my own home cooked meal for one :(
baked salmon, crisp broccoli + sweet ripe tomatoes

saturday lunch w/aya @ la boulange
smoked trout salad

paulette macarons @ hayes valley
carribean chocolate macaroons

afternoon tea w/jenny @ squat + gobble
hot earl grey

blue bottle's "gibraltar"

random cool sighting during my daytime exploration @ the mission

cookies + cream
toffee chocolate chip
whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip

sunday brunch @ cafe flore in the castro
salmon benedict

2 months before costa rica.




Thursday, May 20, 2010

dynamo donut, you suck.

my perfect day would include a nice, hot cup of robust blue bottle individually dripped coffee with a dash of clover cream, a light sprinkle of splenda and 2 paulette "carribbean chocolate" macarons while strolling with my boyfriend on a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon, hand in hand, along a secluded block in san francisco.

alas, those days are fodder for dreams. time to snap back into reality, afterall, it's only thursday.

reality sets, it's thursday afternoon and the midday hunger strikes.

what to do?

2:48pm - "ping! want a dynamo donut? i'm about to go on a donut run"

holy shit. am i dreaming? hells yeah i want a sugar-crusted dough of lard!

2:49pm - "count me in"

30 minutes later, instead of facing the ultra publicized "maple sugar bacon doughnut", i'm presented with the two less popular counterparts, the "chocolate spice" and the original "vanilla bean".

i consider myself a fearless devourer so naturally, chocolate spice is the way to go.

one bite and an instant grimace spread across my face.
the chocolate dough was pleasing enough but in conjunction with the liberally sprinkled sugar, cinnamon and hot chipotle dredge left an aftertaste that resembled spicy chocolatey socks. my mouth was immediately filled with the chalkiness of the cocoa flavored heavily breaded dough and all desire of eating went out the window.

i may have just stumbled upon the best diet cure ever.

Monday, May 17, 2010

i'm bacckkkk!

been feeling just a tad down about everything lately so what will help bring up my mood?

a jam packed week filled with sunbathing under the beautiful costa rican sun, the smell of ripe coconuts in the air, the exciting allure of ziplining through the lush green jungle, the garguantan cerulean waves crashing along the beach as i stroll peacefully along the side with the magical white sand crumbling beneath my naked toes and aimlessly walking until my body succumbs to the ocean where I can lay serenely without a care in the world.

the thought is enough to make my cry with joy after weeks and weeks filled with endless frustration over every minute detail.

i'm so ready for an escape, my body is crying out in joy.

beach vaca only means one thing, time to get that bikini bod ready and in shape!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tuesday morning

current state: bonkers

i'm going to take a brief 1 week haitus. constantly analyzing food day in and out is driving me bananas.  see?!