Wednesday, June 30, 2010

life is a jungle.

safari west was definitely an unforgettable experience.

a sea full of flamingos

 the 15 year old tortoise

the mischievous and strangely adorable pair of monkeys that made us go "aww"

the friendliest giraffe

the most wondrous experience, albeit, unbearable due to the sweltering heat, safari west is an experience not to be missed.  the unique tent-like meeting room to the surprisingly delicious all inclusive barbecue lunch, the whole day flowed steadily without a hitch.

a wonderful day it was indeed.

cheesecake galore!

wednesday morning

current weight: 112.7

yesterday was infinitely detrimental to my rigorously stringent monday - thursday diet.  among the lanky list of offenders, the most adverse would be:

chocolate m&m's
reese' pieces
2 generous helpings of mayonnaise ridden macaroni salad
penne pasta in tomato sauce
vanilla ice cream showered in fudge sauce
2 glasses of red wine
gargantuan serving of whipped garlic mashed potatoes
raspberry cheescake
chocolate cheesecake
1/2 reese' pieces cupcake
1/2 vanilla bean cupcake
1/2 raspberry flavored vanilla cupcake

as i was walking back to my seat with the platter of decadent desserts, all eyes followed as i promptly explained, "it's not all for me!"
of course, no one believed me and pictures followed since documentation was in order...

i am now known as the resident fatty @ SF RBM :(

Monday, June 28, 2010

decisions, decisions

i want to go to the gym.

i need to go to the gym.


toystory 3, what?
sunday morning

current weight: 111.1

as unfalteringly dedicated as i have been to my neverending, everlasting "diet", i've realized this is a battle i cannot win. that is not to say i am admitting defeat, in reality, i'm learning to come into terms with who i am and what i will never be.

in this painfully arduous journey, i've learned i can still maintain and lose without sacrificing life's little pleasures. with that, i leave you my photographic journey from my last few weeks.

haight street fest 10'
garlic fries

homemade spicy crab hot pot
ramen noodles
assorted veggies

my bf loves to cook, no wonder i heart him <3

 north beach festival
lannie + i

hiking @ big sur

sunday 6/20
7am wake up call
made sandwiches
8am hopped into car
8:30am drove 3 hrs
hiked for 4 hrs
saw beautiful waterfalls
back hurts
dirty shoes
round 2?

majestic, ain't it?

the outdoorsy girl crew

my bf + i

breathtakingly gorgeous

spicy beef noodle soup

congrats m+m on your matching MBA's!

my beautiful mythu + i

loann, carol, lockie, lisa

Com Tam Thanh @ San Jose

homemade by the bf

organic "inside out" burgers
sauteed onions + jalopenos
cheddar cheese
sour pickles
fresh romaine
sweet sliced tomatoes

sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers + sliced onions
sweet potato fries 
rosemary + thyme

his mouthwatering masterpiece

fully done yet juicy

Friday, June 18, 2010

still in the running?

friday morning

current weight: 110.6

4 more days before the infamous 3 month mark., 6/22. can i do it? probably not. it's highly unlikely to lose 5.2 pounds in a matter of 4 days when 110 is the struggling point.

meal forecast for this weekend:


lunch & learn 
indian cuisine
freshly baked naan
vegetarian spinach curry loaded with cubes of cheese
chicken tikki masala
basmati rice
additional curry [?]

jenny's going away celebration @ work
 mission minis cupcakes
cinnamon horchata
ruby red velvet
pink lemonade
peanut butter kiss
ginger carrot
swiss almond coconut

family dinner @ hong kong seafood lounge
freshly boiled chinese soup
vegetarian dishes galore
chicken dish dripping in oil
overly saucy meat entrees
red bean dessert


union street festival
fried garlic fries
fried calamari
fried ...

homecooked inside out burgers for dinner?


hiking @ big sur
homemade sandwiches

dinner with the hiking crew

Thursday, June 17, 2010

no pain, no gain

thursday morning

current weight: 111.6

i got my rag.


a moistness in my under regions brought anxiety as i was dining at live sushi bar last night. feeling a tad uncomfortable and irritated beyond reason with the unrealistic wait for my fish, the anxiety grew. finally when i had a chance to check, lo and behold, mother flo has arrived.

she comes without warning and abruptly, without a care or an invitation. she brings along the most intense pain and leaves you feeling bloated and a few pounds heavier.

although she may not be the most welcome guest, she is expected once a month and trust me, she will be missed.

alas, she has arrived and has left me out of commission for the day. 
attention, medicine companies must make a heavy duty midol or similar, capeche?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

p is for positive

wednesday morning

current weight: 111.1

my boyfriend claims i'm a huge crybaby and that i whine and complain about everything. what's wrong with throwing a well deserved fit in private every once in awhile? i'm not unleashing the child from within in a professional setting, nor am i seeking undivided attention from him, i just need to release to keep my sanity.

my mother always told me, keep out the demons by releasing whether it be through a loud scream atop a hill, seeking answers from the source or just confiding in a true blue friend could do wonders for your health. 

lately i've been plagued with heavy thoughts in my mind without anyone to turn to. friends can listen and provide helpful solutions but it ultimately boils down to me.

working out has proven to be a helpful remedy in times like these.  it takes me away from the laundry list of worries that weave in and out of my troubled mind. the only drawback is the tangible ache that spreads through my leg muscles and beyond causing me to limp as i walk. this can't be good.

6/22 is coming soon, that's the 3 month mark from when i first began this little endeavor. as much as i wished i could have hit the 10 pound mark already, it's time to realize each person's body is undeniably different. maybe it's best to come to terms with who i am and fully accept what it is i see. hard to choke down because i'm a fighter but even the strong know when to let go every once in awhile.

days like these, positivity is what i need.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

only 1 more week to go...

tuesday morning

current weight: 111.7

shockingly, the colossal amount of calorie ridden snacks i happily indulged in over the weekend seemed to have contributed less to my weight than i would have thought.

this whole weight loss emotional rollercoaster is the same thing every single week.  i lose a few pounds at the beginning of the week while at the end, i pack it all back on. what a evil cycle.

i have exactly one more week til the 3 month mark, we'll see if i can make it. at this point, the hilarity of this farfetched thought is enough to push me off my own chair. sad.

highlights of my weekend:

 protein style in n out cheeseburger + animal fries

bi-rite vailla soft serve, blood orange olive oil + sea salt

ii cane rosso's soul food warm egg sandwich @ ferry building

haight street festival 2010

garlic fries

sweet + juicy corn on a cob

my bf who thinks he's a model ;)

homemade crab, that's what's for dinner!

2.5 lb pound spicy crab hot pot, complete with chewy ramen, baby bok choy, chinese greens, tomatoes, onions, jalopenos + freshly cut garlic

life is good.

Friday, June 11, 2010

friday, you've finally arrived.

friday morning

current weight: 112.0

i'm so glad we meet again, you've been missed dearly!

didn't make it to the gym last night + stuffing myself silly with fragrant garlic crinkle fries and enormous crunchy onion rings caused a minor surge in my weight.


i need to cheat once in awhile.

so glad this weekend finally came, been waiting for this. need a break. tired. want to snuggle in a cocoon and never come out for awhile.

enough babble. time to get ready for work!

are we there yet?

thursday morning

current weight: 111.2

so much for not celebrating! before eating my lunch [yesterday] of canned chicken noodle soup, fresh canned tuna in water, 2 crunchy pears and sweet bing cherries, i overheard my co-worker talking about a new bakery on folsom st. 

my lunch .... chocolate chip cookie?

hmm...that's a hard one.

so i go to check this place out.

chocolate chip cookie $1.25


i could have done without.

and then after a hardcore gym session [1 hr 5 min], i left for this!

reason why i can't seem to lose weight! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

minor successes eventually lead to greatness

wednesday morning

current weight: 111.7

usually i would revel in the fact that i had such an amazing feat of losing 3 pounds in a matter of two days but the season of rejoicing will remain on pause until i see 104.4 blazing on my scale.  even then, i should hold back for fear of ballooning up once i "celebrate".

that's because i'm known to "celebrate" with chocolate.



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

season of festivals

just came back from the gym.


pics from this past weekend:

 my boyfriend & i 
union street fair

banana chocolate peanut butter cupcake
oreo cupcake

fire fries

free smucker's vanilla ice cream w/milk chocolate drizzle

baked oysters


haight street fest!

god i love living in sf and being surrounded by sunshine :)

supplements : good or bad?

tuesday morning

current weight: 113.4

as my diet and food intake steadily decreases, i'm plagued by the constant worry of inadequate consumption of much needed nutrients and vitamins, hence, that's where the idea of consuming supplements came about.





all very much needed in your daily diet but found lacking in more than 50% in all americans, therefore we resort to nutrients in the form of a pill.

here's some research i did:

Why take iron supplements?
- Lack of iron leads to unusual tiredness, shortness of breath, decrease in physical performance
- Leading cause of Anemia
- Constant tiredness/fatigue

Iron Supplement Cons
- Gastrointestinal Problems [abdominal pain, nausea + constipation are common side effects]
- Dark Stool
- Excess iron could lead to cardiac diseases
- Rashes and Hives
- Bluish colored nails + lips
- Tingling/numbness in hands/feet
- Overdose could cause double vision + weakness
- Seizures, clammy skin, shallow breaths, weak/fast heartbeats

Fiber Supplement PROS:

- Decrease the risk of colon cancer by increasing the speed of elimination
- Increases the feeling of fullness without additional calories
- Provides treatment to common diseases: gastrointestinal diseases, heart diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

Fiber Supplement CONS:

- Cramping
- Diarrhea
- Intestinal Gas
- Bloating

Calcium Supplement PROS:

- Prevent osteoporosis
- Essential for normal function of nerves, cells, muscle + bone

Calcium Supplement CONS:

- Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation, stomach pain, extreme thirst, dry mouth + increased urination
- MUST consult medical professional when taking other pills/supplements
- Avoid consuming large amounts of bran and whole grain cereals and bread
- Avoid consuming large amounts of caffeine, alcohol or smoking tobacco

Multivitamin PROS:

- Combat vitamin deficiencies

Multivitamin CONS:

- DO NOT take multivitamin with another supplement without the approval from doctor
- Serious side effects including: tooth staining, increased urination, stomach bleeding, uneven heart rate, confusion, muscle weakness + fatigue
- Overdose symptoms may include: stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, hair loss, peeling skin, tingly feeling in or around your mouth, changes in menstrual periods, severe headache, weight loss, muscle or joint pain, severe back pain, blood in your urine, pale skin, and easy bruising or bleeding.
- Cannot take calcium and multivitamins together, the calcium makes it hard to absorb the multivitamin properties

Not looking too attractive eh? maybe i'll just stick to the natural way...

Monday, June 7, 2010

blah blah blah

monday morning

current weight: 114.7

i worked out but i ATE. 

time to instill boundaries back in as i have so carelessly tossed naively believing working out was enough. no longer is my metabolism as unyieldingly resilient as it was a few years ago. face it, i'm getting old and so is my body. to maintain your current figure in your 20's, you must consume 1/3 of what you used to.

this little known fact is enough to drive me into tears.

life is so unfair.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

stupid intense workout is prohibiting me from walking upright without a gimp!

tuesday night

workout of the day: 1.5 hrs
22 min running on treadmill [5.8 - 6.0 speed]
10 min walking on treadmill
15 min riding on bicycle
40 min [stretching + ab work]

this past weekend, i ate ALOT.


happy hour @ radius

1/2 dozen oysters + merlot

bread and an assortment of cheeses

home cooked chinese meal @ the bf's
barbequed pork
roasted duck
green veggies
baked salmon
steamed shrimp

tanning at the beach with tee 

dinner @ the kitchen

clear flavorful chinese soup
fried squab
pea sprouts w/pumpkin sauce, egg + crabmeat
spicy tofu dish heaping full of seafood
clams + turnip in flavorful broth
beef + turnips in curry broth


5 girls
11 OC boys

3 orders of har gaw - shrimp dumpling
2 orders of siu mai - pork dumpling
2 shrimp rolls
1 bbq pork roll
1 fried turnip cake + egg
2 orders of fried shrimp dumpling w/mayonaisse
4 orders of custard tarts
1 seasoned tripe dish
1 boiled tripe dish
1 spareribs + black bean sauce
2 orders of fung gaw - chicken feet
1 fried rice roll w/spicy sauce

2 orders of xiu long bao
1 order of coffee flavored spare ribs

bike riding @ golden gate park
family dinner @ asian pearl

chinese soup
pea sprouts w/pumpkin sauce egg + crabmeat
wasabi flavored chicken + conch meat
clams + turnips in broth
vermicelli dish w/turnips in broth
various mixed dishes
appetizer meat dish

starbucks iced coffee, nonfat milk + splenda
homemaderice crispy treats
asian chicken salad
yogurt w/blackberries