Sunday, September 12, 2010

like a moth to a flame

august has been effervescently eventful with unheralded realizations, but hey, life is life. 

my trip to costa rica was nothing short of a life altering experience. prior to arriving, being immersed alongside extreme poverty was practically unheard of.  scenes of dilapidated homes with distorted tin roofs blew by my windowpane, hand-washed laundry swayed gently in the nonexistent breeze, junkyard worthy cars littered in front of every doorstep, and then, my beating heart suddenly swelled.  these children, their families, their lives, this is all they will ever know.  having vacationed for a week in a third world country stirred up long forgotten memories deeply thrusted in the nether regions of my brain.  long ago, long forgotten, i was struck by how vividly the memories formed as though it happened yesterday. during my exploration as a young impressionable child into guangzhou, china, i remembered the horrific scene of two dozen disfigured children rushing at high speed towards me. having been a naive child, i foolishly gave two pennies from my pocket to a seemingly innocent beggar when in reality, it was merely a con to trick dumb americans [i.e. me].

it was surreal.

although costa rica housed no child beggars missing eyeballs or a limb, the feeling remains the same.

a sadness that i long forgotten had emerged and set deep within me.

on a happier note, here's my photo diary: 

our trek up our hotel room


drinks poolside

lunching like ladies

how i got food poisoning

playa conchal

ziplining across the leafy jungle

scenic waterfall


boat tour sighting : ficus tree deeply rooted


and that concludes my trip in a nutshell.

fantastic experience.