Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Current Weight: 111.4

I'm only 2.4 pounds away from my weekly goal of 109 lbs.  Why is it that everytime I'm this close, I have a dinner scheduled that very night that threatens to destroy all my hard work?  Immediately after work tonight, I'm off to Han II Kwan for some delectable Korean BBQ.  Their cuisine features many caloric sauces, sweet grilled BBQ meats, overly-drenched starchy carb items, seemingly healthy side dishes that add up, and the list goes on.

EVERYTHING is fattening unless I'm planning on sitting there and chewing bean sprouts and cucumbers all night :(

The goal after dining is to hop over to 24 HR Fitness Gym in the Marina district for their private sauna located in the women's locker room [so I can avoid creepy men - who can't stop staring at any woman with boobs - not that I have any - ugh]. Hopefully it'll aid me in losing another pound, or two. 

Off to work, bye!

--- 10:19pm Update --- 

Today has been a seriously LONG and drawn out day.  I arrived at the restaurant earlier than expected and waited an excruciating 30 minutes for the rest of my family to arrive, no thanks to the torturous and unforgiving rain.  The meal itself was quite wonderful, filled with flavorful and savory Kalbi + bul-go-gi, unlimited refills on their tasty little side dishes, succulent squid sauteed with vegetables in their sweet and spicy sauce, hot tofu soup, tantalizing beef bi bim bap, grilled mackerel with a slightest hint of fresh lemon and chewy jap-chae.  I had the intention of only eating a few bites but those "few bites" turned into 3 plates :/  When faced with delicious Korean food, how can one say no?

Food intake for the day:

Breakfast: Starbucks, reduced-fat milk, Splenda

Snack: one small banana + Maui onion + garlic mac nuts

Lunch: Tofu, shrimp, scallops, pork, baby bok choy, 1 orange + 2 chicken nuggets [nuggets were MIA - in my tummy already]

Snack:  Maui onion + garlic mac nuts

Dinner: just a few I'd like to share

Korean Ban Chan: "complimentary" side dishes

Squid sauteed w/vegetables 

Beef Bi Bim Bap

Spicy Tofu Soup


I didn't get to take any pictures [except one] so I had to steal them off the net, ghetto, I know.

Since I had such a fulfilling dinner, working out was definitely out of the question, however, I did make it to the gym to get in a quicky Sauna session.

Refreshed and dehydrated, I left feeling quite satisfied until I came home and weighed myself.  

I hate Korean food.  

Excuse me while I go cry now.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lacking motivaton


Current Weight: 112.4

This is what I get for stuffing my face full of carbs on Sunday night and those french fries + fried chicken wings last night.

Time to get back on track!

Goal for this week: to be 109 by Saturday, just in time for the wedding [not mine obviously].  If not, there's no way I can squeeze myself into a XXS Bebe dress or risk looking like a gigantic pink shiny sausage in it :/

It's crunch time DAMNIT!

--- 9:23pm Update --- 

I am a lean, mean fighting machine!  Atleast that's what the mirror at the gym told me until I got home and stuffed my face silly...what? I was hungry :(

Food intake for the day: 

Breakfast: A giant cup of joe, reduced-fat milk, splenda

Snack: Kirkland signature nuts [fatty but good for ya]


Every Tuesday, my coworker Elisia and I venture off to the nearest taco truck and purchase delicious [and CHEAP] carne asada street tacos.  Unlike Elisia, I weight over 100 pounds :/ so instead of 3 tacos, I eat one.  FML

Did you really think I'd just eat one taco and call it a day? C'mon, I don't starve!

The rest of my lunch: steamed chicken + broccoli [more green than meat]

Snack: Maui onion + garlic mac nuts [220 cal per serving - WOW]

Dinner: 2 oranges 
[didn't have any fruit today, I was starting to feel kinda weird]
leftovers from last night

Diet Tip # 10: The key to eating less is starting off on a smaller plate. The smaller the plate, the less you eat [unless you go for thirds, then you're just hopeless].

The size of my plate: approximately 6 inches in diameter

Workout of the day: 
I seriously felt like a work out whore today, nice to be back.

30 min running on treadmill [0.0 incline, 6.1 -6.5 speed]
15 min walking on treadmill [0.0 incline, 4.1 -4.4 speed]
15 min on bike [level 3, random]
1 hr [stretching, ab work, legs, light weights 5-8 lbs]

After all this hard work, now I want a piece of cheesecake to celebrate. 

I'm not kidding.


Monday, March 29, 2010

I opted not to weight myself this morning as I'm feeling slightly obsessed with the numbers on the scale.  I think I may need a mini break from everything at this point yet continue my day-to-day activities.

Current Weight: n/a

Food intake for the day:

Breakfast: Banana + onion and garlic flavored macadamia nuts

Snack: Starbucks, reduced fat milk + Splenda

Lunch: Quarterly Admin lunch @ South Park Cafe 

Carrot Soup

 Grilled Chicken Breast Salad w/blue cheese, walnuts and tarragon vinaigrette

1/2 order of french fries + ketchup [couldn't resist the urge!]

Snack: Mott's Fruit Snacks [70 cal]

Dinner: 3 New Golden Daisy chicken drumettes

Scallops, shrimp, pork, chicken, pickled radish + baby bok choy
1 orange

Workout of the day: 1 hr 50 min
35 min treadmill [1/3 running, 2/3 walking uphill]
25 min biking [level 3 - random]
50 min [stretching, ab work + light weights 10 lb]

Activity forecast for the week:

Tuesday - dinner w/Aya after the gym
Wednesday - Korean dinner w/the fam
Saturday - Kevin's wedding! reception + banquet following
Sunday - a beautiful day in Napa to celebrate my dearest friend Wendy's 27th

Although this week is filled with food and fun, dieting is never far from my mind.  Like Thomas the train, I will keep on going :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

not so SUPER sunday

Current Weight: 110.8

Weight lost in 1 week: 3.6 lbs

My mom saw me this morning and saw, "Wah, you look like shit."

In no way does this reflect my weight loss, just my enormous panda eyes and lack of sleep.

Meal forecast for tonight: Dinner @ Pomelo

I feel like crap.

Back to bed I go, bye.

--- Update --- 

Food intake for the day:

Breakfast: 2 chicken drumettes @ New Golden Daisy

Snack: Glutinous sticky ball w/black bean paste filling

Lunch : Slept through it
Snack: Still sleeping 

Dinner : Tee's birthday celebration @ Pomelo
Aptos [garlic bruschetta w/house made organic ricotta, green asparagus + fresh herbs

Badoc [Filipino style shrimp fritters w/yam, carrot + scallions, served w/spicy Filipino Vinegar

lanzhou [fresh egg noodles stir fried w/ginger, scallion + garlic, w/peppered ahi tuna seared rare + topped w/a miso sesame drizzle

lecce [cassarecce pastaw/beet tops, garlic, onion, bacon, pecorino romano, topped w/panko encrusted chicken breast

koh samui [spicy coconut curry w/chicken, oriental long beans, thai eggplants, squash, straw mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves and fresh cilantro, served w/jasmine rice

2 dollops of creamy chocolate mousse, drizzled w/caramel sauce and topped w/crispy wafer cookies

Happy Birthday Tee!
Hope you love your new camera, you big camera whore.
Today's been the longest day in history, time for 1 more diet tip then off to bed.
Diet Tip # 9: When experiencing results [like mine], try not to splurge [as I did today] or else risk gaining back all the weight you worked so hard to shed off.  Remember, the key is moderation! 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday

One drawback to sleeping over at the bf's house?

No scale!

Current Weight: n/a


That's alright, I made it up by going to the UCSF Mission Bay Campus Gym, fully equipped with personal television screens on every cardio machine, individual IPOD chargers and unlimited equipment with no wait, no suspicious odors or questionable looking individuals. Damnit, I really need to get a membership here.

Workout of the day:
20 Treadmill - mostly walking [6.5 incline, 3.8 - 5.3 speed]
25 Bike [level 1 - 3]
1.25 hrs [Stretching, Ab work, Legs, Light Weights 5 - 8 lbs]

Food Intake for the Day:

Breakfast: n/a [went straight to the gym]

1 small serving of ginger garlic chicken, broccoli, squash, peppers + onions
1 chicken wing
1 small Romaine/Spinach salad [lightly dressed w/balsamic vinaigrette]
               - summer corn
               - fresh tomatoes
               - red onions
               - sun-dried tomatoes
               - crunchy diced cucumbers
               -  a sprinkling of cheese
               - turkey breast meat
               - shredded carrots
               - sunflower seeds

Snacks: 2 oranges
                1 cup of baby-cut carrots
                2 tbsp Tostitos Creamy Spinach dip [50 cal]

                2 thin slices of Zesty dill pickles [5 cal]

Dinner : egg scrambled w/bean sprouts, white mushrooms + Chinese BBQ pork
                  Baked Asparagus seasoned w/olive oil + garlic salt
                  1/3 Salmon Fillet seasoned w/olive oil, garlic salt, oregano + chives
                  2 spoonfuls of rice - only because my bf make me :/

Tonight's Agenda: Tammy's 25th birthday bash @ Supperclub

I guess this means starve-mode tonight :/
Diet Tip # 8: Don't get used to drinking flavored drinks, stick with H20 for the most healthiest refreshment w/zero calories.

Friday, March 26, 2010


---  Update ---

Food intake for the day:

Breakfast: my morning dose of crack [aka coffee]

Snack: a ripe banana + a small package of Mott's fruit snacks [70 calories]

Lunch: A salmon fillet + zucchini, red peppers + chicken [leftovers from last night], 2 crispy chicken taquitos, 2 spoonfuls of creamy guacamole + fresh salsa [I couldn't resist, they were calling my name]

Snack: Kirkland signature nuts

Dinner: Masala Indian Cuisine w/the family + D

My regrets:
1/2 Samosa - crispy puff pastry w/ground potatoes + pea filling 
2 generous dollops of Yogurt sauce
Chicken Tikki Masala - chicken tikka cooked in curry sauce
Baingan Bharta - fresh mesquite eggplant w/ginger, garlic + spices [best of the night]
Prawns Vindaloo - Prawns + potatoes cooked in a hot curry sauce
Vegetable Biryani - Saffron flavored rice served w/mixed veggies in herbs + spices
1 small garlic naan - sprinkled w/garlic + basil
1/2 small onion naan - sprinkled w/onion + cilantro

So much for being on a diet...Gym tonight? psh. Who am I kidding?


Current Weight: 111.4


An awesome start for the weekend except for the omen I experienced this chilly and refreshing morning.  I had the most horrible sleep last night due to my mid-afternoon cup of coffee [never again].  I haven't seen my boyfriend since Monday, finally slept over, had the worst sleep ever [lack thereof] and woke up to find a giant parking ticket looming on my windshield.

Thanks alot.

Although I did appear to lose 3 pounds [my digital scale does not lie], right now is crunch time.  Everything I do or eat matters in the next few days especially.

Meal Forecast for today:

Lunch: Catered Mexican [my fave] including: black bean sopesitos sprinkled with feta cheese, crunchy chicken taquitos, savory chicken enchiladas, cheesy quesadillas, creamy + chunky guacamole, a 2 LB bag of chips and tons of fresh salsa.

Dinner: delectable Indian fare at my restaurant of choice with my family

*crossing fingers*

I really hope I can get through this day without succumbing to the call of comforting Mexican food and the exoticness of Indian cuisine.

Diet Tip# 7: Just because your boyfriend eats that, doesn't mean you can.

Thursday, March 25, 2010



Current Weight: 114.4

I'm back to the original weight I was on Monday.  I found this extremely frustrating after my exceptionally strict diet for the past few days [hey, so I messed up maybe once or twice].  Now I know the culprit behind my weight gain, DINNER vs. GYM.

F* that, NO MORE DINNERS unless absolutely necessary.  They can wait until the weekend. 

Tip# 5: It doesn't matter what you're eating, if you over eat, YOU GAIN WEIGHT. 

--- Update --- 

Food Intake for the day:

Breakfast: the usual

Snack: the usual

Lunch: Leftover shredded pork sauteed w/celery, edamame and pickled radish + a cold, juicy orange

Snack: Starbucks coffee, a splash of reduced-fat milk + a teaspoon of Splenda [I am a creature of habit, yes I know]

Dinner: Salmon Filet, shredded chicken, celery, red pepper + zucchini and a cold, juicy orange

Workout of the day: 1.5 hours
20 min running on treadmill [at 6.3-6.5 speed]
15 min walking on treadmill [at 4.3 speed]
25 min on bicycle [at level 3]
30 min [ab work + stretching]

Diet Tip# 6:  If you're trying to lose weight, avoid wine.  Wine tends to whet your appetite and can lead to over-eating.  I'm guilty of this myself :/

Til tomorrow! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disheartening Wednesday


Current Weight: 113.5 


Stupid dinner, stupid corn nuts, stupid stupid stupid!


Forget that, I'm back on track.

Tonight, my auntie is hosting family hot pot at her place and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to spread myself thin and include daily workouts as part of my commitment to improving thyself.  It's not an excuse, I'm just being real.

My goal: eat 2 bites + head to the gym after work.

I'm positive I'll be receiving much unwarranted comments from a fellow relative of mine *cough* Ballow *cough* but keep in mind, no one understands or cares about your personal aspirations as they only care for their own best interests.  I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist.  We'll see how it unfolds.

--- Update --- 

Food intake for the day:

Breakfast: my drug of choice

 Snack: a handful of Kirkland Signature Nuts

Lunch:  Scrambled Eggs + Prawns and Sauteed Cauliflower + a Fuji Apple

 Snack: n/a

Dinner: Chinese Style Hot Pot

Consists of a variety of seafood + fresh veggies cooked in a chicken flavored broth, seasoned w/my Auntie's special sauce + Sriracha 

And a Cherry Coke Zero [my opinion, best diet soda ever]

Late night snack: Cubed Watermelon

Everything flew out the window once I arrived at my Auntie's.  Here I was, dressed head to toe in my gym gear.  I was prepared to eat 2 bites and head to the gym but due to my lack of snacks after lunch [damnit], I came starved.  I headed straight to the table, plopped myself down and gorged as I've never gorged before.

I came out feeling 5 months pregnant and all too tired to go to the gym.  Tomorrow will be my first night going back to 24 Hour Fitness since Monday and boy am I looking forward to it.

One more diet tip before I go to bed:
Tip# 4: Your smallest meal should be dinner and eat early, end result? Flatter Abs in the morning, guaranteed!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Terrific Tuesdays

Terrible Terrific Tuesday!


Current Weight: 112.2

How did I do it?

Update later. 

--- UPDATE ---

My 3 cardinal rules for dieting in a short period of time with MAXIMUM results:

1) Avoid carbs like the plague, instead veg on grilled protein
2) Fill yourself up with veggies sans caloric sauces
3) Snack on healthy items like fruits, a handful of nuts + reduced fat cheese

Food intake for the day:
Breakfast: Starbucks coffee, a splash of reduced-fat milk + a teaspoon of Splenda

Snack: A handful of Kirkland Signature Nuts

Lunch: Chicken sauteed w/red peppers, edamame, celery, a splash of smoked Tabasco sauce + 1 small Fuji Apple

Snack: 1 bag of Ranch Corn Nuts [220 cal]

Pre-Dinner: Chilled Purple Grapes

* Note to Kirkland Manufacturer - how about producing a "Kirkland Mixed Nuts" with only cashews, almonds, macadamias?

Also, there will be no WORKOUT OF THE DAY [sad face] since I'll be heading out for a birthday dinner @ Bistro 9 in a bit.  I really dread these high-calorie and even higher-fat feasts, they're truly nothing but an excuse to over-consume and you know it.

Time to put my will power to test.  

Will I be able to resist the sweet offerings of the ultra decadent Whole Foods Tiramisu cake?

I'll find out in a bit :/

Bistro 9
1 garlic mussel - wine, garlic + shallots

1/4 rotisserie chicken + 2 sides of beet salad

1 scrumptious bite of basil seafood combo over fine couscous

1 crisp bite of spinach, feta, red onions + black olives

What I had to avoid:

If that's not will power, I don't know what is.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Mondays


Here comes the dreaded moment I face each and every morning, the weigh in. If only those pesky pounds could magically dissipate and I become the next Adriana Lima but alas, the world isn't perfect and neither am I.

Back to reality I go.

Current weight: 114.4


I swear I worked out 5 days last week, what happened to all my results?


I guess all those grainy Aussie bites [120 cal each x 7], greedy handfuls of Ranch Corn Nuts, 4 generous pieces of scrumptious Costco Cheesecake, delicious Mediterranean fare, creamy [and full of fat] hummus, exotic Izakaya [Japanese Tapas], rich Mexican tacos, flavorful Indian take out and crispy fried chicken didn't help.

Hey, don't judge me.

Well, enough is enough. Time for me to regain control of my body, once and for all. I fell off the wagon once but it will not happen again. You can count on that.

Food Intake for today:
Breakfast - Starbucks, a splash of reduced-fat milk + a teaspoon of Splenda
Snack - a handful of Kirkland Signature Nuts
Lunch - Steamed chicken sauteed w/Edamame, red peppers, celery + 1 orange
Snack - a handful of Kirkland Signature Nuts
Dinner - Chicken sauteed w/Edamame, red peppers, celery + 1 cup of cold purple grapes

Workout of the day : 2 hours
30 min treadmill
30 min elliptical machine
1 hr Abs, Arms, Legs + Stretching

Am I looking forward to this arduous journey full of sweat and tears?

Probably not.

Will I be satisfied at the end of the day?

Hells yes.

We'll see what's in store for me tomorrow.